Amongst other things..

A suspected confirmed tornado hit the houses on my block this morning. You can see a report here. I live about a hundred feet from where the reporter is standing.

I was awake and in the loo. It roared for about a minute and water poured in through the bathroom window like someone was spraying it in with a hose. The house shook.

A few houses on the street lost their roofs. My roof is intact.

I went back to sleep, only to be woken up by cops and firemen banging on my door as they evacuated the neighborhood.

Since I was fast asleep, they had to bang on the door real hard.

As is apparent, my life is very exciting.


3 Responses to “Amongst other things..”

  1. Brown Magic Says:

    i see. i see.

    so what you’re saying is “ladies, this is where i live. won’t you drop by and comfort this blogger in his hour of need?”

    nicely done.

  2. Ph Says:

    You went to sleep? Really? You went to SLEEP?

  3. Arthur Quiller Couch Says:

    Are you Chuck Palahniuk?

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