In response to BM’s this here tag, and after a lot of coaxing

1. I talk in my sleep. Not just babble, but carry out entire conversations in seemingly logical ways. It’s cause for much consternation amongst people who attempt to do it, especially gfs attempting pillow talk.

2. I am mentally playing some beat or the other, and consequently tapping my fingers on something all the time, or tapping them against each other to keep count (in sort of a cigarette tapping motion)

3. Every time a plane lines up at one end of the runway and accelerates to take off, the song “Highway to the danger zone” from Top Gun plays in my head.

4. I am terrified of piled up laundry. As it lies in a corner of my bedroom, I tiptoe around so as to not wake it up.

5. When I am at a cliff edge, I am always tempted to peep over it to see what lies below. This applies to hiking, but also life in general.

6. My fridge still has the bowl of hummus that I made (it didn’t turn out well) last summer. It’s green and hairy now. These days, it has taken to scurrying to the back when I open the fridge.

7. I can spend days lying back in my chair and listening to music. When I get into that phase, I don’t step out of the house and can usually get by with one meal a day.

8. I obsessively count how much sleep I get. The most sleep deprived I have ever been was when I stayed up for 88 hours with 2 hours of sleep. The second most sleep deprived was 83 hours with 3 hours of sleep.


6 Responses to “Tag-tag”

  1. Revealed Says:

    A-ha! An accomplished tagee *files information away for future reference, ominously*

  2. Heh Heh Says:

    TY, TY. And you are scaring me now. Thats it. No tags for me from hence.

  3. Revealed Says:

    What???!! You *don’t* want to do the 199 questions tag that Wiseling has threatened me with???

    Tsk tsk you disappoint me!

  4. J. Alfred Prufrock Says:

    Additional point – you are sucker enough to do tags. Never a good idea, unless you kill all the readers after they’re through.

    And your sleep deprivation record beats mine, the most I’ve done is about 76 hours with 3 hrs sleep. I’m impressed. Were you still rational and coherent by the end?


  5. Heh Heh Says:

    I tried to resist – but was hounded by the people concerned.

  6. The_Girl_From_Ipanema Says:

    My fridge still has the bowl of hummus …..it has taken to scurrying to the back when I open the fridge

    I so did not have to read that. It beats a friend who insisted on never throwing out rice until it assumed atleast 4 different colours in the fridge. 😦

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