This is one my favorite pictures, taken about half-way down smith’s rock (the rock-face to the left), a volcanic formation in Oregon – a lone climber standing at at a cliff-edge directing his friends who are climbing up this 800 foot free-standing spire of rock called monkey face (what you see here is the head – the ‘face’ is to the other side). Monkey face, the rock and the climber are framed in the background by Mt Scott, a dormant volcano.


7 Responses to “Precipice”

  1. Revealed Says:

    Was gonna say looks like a fist. But monkey’s head works for me 😀

  2. Tabula Rasa Says:

    very nice!

    i would have tried it in b&w too.

  3. Heh Heh Says:

    revealed: shall we call it the monkey’s fist instead?

    tr: thanks. like your b&w suggestion.. it probably would have come out better.

  4. Tabula Rasa Says:

    possible — you could always try fiddling with the image 😀

  5. Heh Heh Says:

    tr: see, *that* never works. in this case, the rock wall to the left loses all its definition

  6. Szerelem Says:

    that’s a great picture.

    I’m with TR on the B/W suggestion.

  7. Szerelem Says:

    but obviously seeing your comments adobe isn’t the best way to go about it

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