happy indi-bloggy to me

Oh, and one of the things that got missed out in the last few days was that I got nominated for indi-blog of the year at the indibloggies. (Thanks, Nitin)

Now, not to disparage the judgment of the jury and all that, but hey, all the other people on that list are heavy-weights like falstaff, Amit Varma, and Manish Vij.

I expect great things to come about because of this.

  1. Resume value: (“You blog? Oh wow, *just* what we were looking for! When can you join?”)
  2. Bragging to friends at the bar (“Dude, your blog got nominated for the indibloggies. You da man!”)
  3. Impressing girls (“*fluttering eyelashes* I’ve always had a thing for indibloggies nominees!”)
  4. Making parents proud (“Aaj tumne humaari barson ki iccha poori kar dee! Ab yeh boodhi aanken chain se so sakti hain!” “Aisa mat bolo, maa!” “Bas ab ek acchi si ladki dhoond ke ghar basaa lo” (bollywood dramatization. the real-life heh-heh parents are pretty unexcitable. i would be lucky if i got a blink.))
  5. Biographies (“In the January of 2007, Heh Heh was nominated for the indibloggies. It was to be a turning point in his life.”)
  6. World peace (“Now that Heh Heh has been nominated for the indibloggies, tensions between Iran and the US should ease”)
  7. Viva la revolución (¡Heh Heh derrota cerdos del capitalismo!)

Anyway, thanks. I’m obviously not going to ask you to vote for me. 🙂

ps: As you can see, I upgraded my template. It involved losing all the changes made to my earlier template and I have had to start from scratch. It is still work in progress. The look will get better, I promise. The principal change, of course, is the addition on the new widget over to the right, where I’ll put up lists of songs I am listening to. Watch out, they might be the one thing that will most frequently be updated.


10 Responses to “happy indi-bloggy to me”

  1. shakester Says:

    i shall go dig out ..boy in New york and listen now. its ben too long.

  2. Heh Heh Says:

    shakester: lovely song, innit?

  3. Falstaff Says:

    I wish you wouldn’t call me a heavy-weight. Not after all that time I’ve spent dieting.

  4. heh? ok Says:

    que tengas suerte 🙂

  5. Revealed Says:

    Hehe. The best Indibloggie nomination post I’ve read so far. People in glass houses and so forth.

  6. Heh Heh Says:

    falstaff: is ex-heavyweight a valid term?

    heh? ok: gracias

    revealed: thank you.

  7. J. Alfred Prufrock Says:

    Next year in Jerusalem, podner. (Or Szerelem, I’d say, but I think she’s a lady and might object)


  8. another brick in the wall Says:


  9. Tarun Chandel Says:


    I am Tarun here, I am planning a Blogcamp in India (Pune), if possible try to make it to it, if not then do try to participate through internet, using Youtube, Slideshare etc.

    I have found few other guys who are also very enthusiastic about having
    a Blogcamp. We are already in rocess of contacting some good bloggers like you and others on Blogosphere.

    The venue will be SCIT Pune Symbiosis Center for IT). We are already talking to a few people to sponsor food, tshirts and goodies. But all these things are secondary. Success of a Blogcamp is dependent upon it’s participants and that is where we are focusing right now.

    Do share you thoughts on it.

    You can visit our wiki (http://barcamp.org/BlogCampPune).
    We also have our blog ( http://www.blogcamppune.blogspot.com)

    Tarun Chandel

    PS: I know this is not the right place to put this invitation, but I
    was not able to find your email id.

  10. A Says:

    erm.. oh wow!? congrats! 🙂

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