Three comics from the far side

I seem to be doing everything in threes today. And i am also posting a lot, but that is probably because i am terribly bored. Some of this is regurgitation, but anyway here goes

1. Fleep

Who could not love a series with a name like Fleep? Imagine that you wake up in phone booth encased in concrete. You have three unrecognizable coins, some dental floss and what appears to be a dictionary in two languages you do not understand. What do you do? The answer revealed here. Written by geek writer Jason Shiga, also the author of the comic series “Double Happiness”, and the choose your own adventure comic “Meanwhile..”( featuring a multi-verse plot), Fleep is a hutke story. Ismey action hai, romance hai, suspense bhi hai.

2. Nine planets without intelligent life

The plot of this series involves the distant future where humans have become extinct. Robots populate the solar system, and as the second episode reveals “see little reason not to continue what [the humans] were doing”. Two robots, Chris and Ben discover they are about to become obsolete and set out to travel the solar system, and experience some culture. The series is replete with great quotes (“The weird thing about culture is that you can chase it as fast as you can and it still speeds past you at the same rate.”) and warnings for human readers (“Human readers should not feel inadequate if they do not find themselves aroused by the following scene”)

3. Toothpaste for dinner

If you like the kind of non-sense doodles i sketch here, you should go check out toothpaste for dinner. It’s a hilarious series written by a guy called drew based out of Ohio. Check out Andrew Sullivan as “Not my president“. As a bonus you could check out his wife natalie’s doodles too for stuff like “Slob Activism: I’ve had mustard on this t-shirt for three days“.


5 Responses to “Three comics from the far side”

  1. a Says:

    et merde… havent geard pf either of these before. now dont ask why am commenting when i dont have anything to comment about…

  2. tangled Says:

    Toothpast toothpaste yes!!
    I’m an old fan. Three years and counting… go drew!

    Do you like the chickens?

    Verification reads kgerms. Yay!

  3. Heh Heh Says:

    a: oh, come on. may i? may i?? please?!!

    tangled: i’m an old fan too. there should be an award for something like that. thanks for the chickens and congratulations for the germs 🙂

  4. blackmamba Says:

    the first 2 are new.

    have you tried any by Derek Kirk Kim, from the civilized and sober far west 🙂
    A sampler,
    Dave’s Blind Date

    unfortunately the man seems to discovered publishing in the real world and has taken down most of his work from his website. bleah.

  5. Heh Heh Says:

    bm: whatisthisisay? blog no more?
    no i hadn’t seen derek kirk kim’s work. thanks. am going to put up another list with a few i forgot to include here.

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