a classic minderbender

there i two thinks i dont normally do on this blog.

a. i don’t blog drunk.
b. i’ve forgotten what it was.

i’m going to resort to my book of cliches and say that there is a first time for everything. so here’s me, writing a post, accompanied by a glass of macallan 18 year old cask strength with one ice cube to turn it just a tad bit cloudy and condense those aromatics (thanks S, for the bottle, in case you are reading this). coltrane plays in the background since no self respecting bender can be without soothing and warm jazz. perhaps, when the alcohol has dissipated from my bloodstream, i will not even recall writing this post.

whoever told you it was not a good idea to drink copious quantities of alcohol by yourself over an extended period of time, was wrong. a few’s dos and don’ts, though. don’t drink shitty alcohol, treat your tastebuds and your liver with the respect they deserve. i prefer a good single malt. make sure you have lots of water (don’t mix it with the malt, you philistine) and are stocked up on good non-acidic food – to be had during and in the aftermath. also, keep an alka-seltzer ready, in case things get out of hand. tell a friend you are doing this (hello, B). take it easy, don’t force yourself. exercise control. the idea is not to get drunk, but to create a mellow haze and marinate in those thoughts you have been keeping suppressed because they interfere with your functioning.

this bender officially started in the afternoon. my last significant task for the year done, i followed it up with a few rounds beers at the pub, got home, and poured myself a stiff drink. when day turned to night, i drew down the curtains, put on soft lighting, and put my favorite bender playlist on. i have been drinking without break since, but i’m not impaired yet, although i might just go back to sleep to pick up the tread when i wake up in the morning. ah, yes. here’s b.

b. i don’t write “the year in review” posts.

the chinese had a curse that went “May you live in interesting times”. it has become some what of a western catchphrase – it has lost its negative connotaion and is generally thought of as a blessing. trust the goras to seriously bastardize the ‘wisdom’ of the east in this manner.

if you think about it (and since i’m high, i think this is a very profound thought) ‘interesting’ is merely a descriptive word. ‘interesting’ people are fun to be with – they also teach you lots of stuff, about yourself and the world. they are also messed up. that is also the case with interesting times, like the year i just had.

in all the mind-numbingly monotonous years of my quarterlife, this one stands out for the strange combination of love, futility, hopelessness and the good news that it brought. first the good news. it was an incredibly productive year for me. i thoroughly enjoyed the work. my inner maharashtrian stayed low, so i did not have to deal with his laziness and constant whining. it isn’t a happy feeling having him around here, since the most he wants to do, like many maharashtrians, is to live in a flat in pune and take his wife to the cinema on saturdays on his bajaj scooter. the wife rides pillion and the kid stands up front. we want much more than that – and on that front, the year delivered.

i travelled, i hiked a lot ,and checked alaska off my map. it was my 41st US state, in a list that had stagnated at 40 for over a year. i fell in love with the place and made plans to buy some land and have a log cabin there, and was promptly laughed at by my more pragmatic friends. some day, it might happen. practicality isn’t one of my strong points. i also renewed my ties with pommieland.

i did experience love. i also experienced hopelessness. more importantly, i learnt that no matter how strong feelings are, they can sometimes not be enough, and when your instinct tells you that things are unworkable and that you should let go, you let go. Remember that sometimes things do not work for no fathomable reason – not everything is under your control, some questions do not have answers and that the choice not to carry baggage is one that is easily made. Also, know that closure is a made-up word invented by some TV friendly psychotherapist with too many hyper-romantic delusional patients.

I made some new friends, and they’re all the good sorts. i’m binary about people. i give people i like a lot of leeway and people i don’t like none. And once in a while it is good to discover someone who can teach you a thing or two, while being totally cool. three dear friends are on their way to parenthood, and i am very happy for them. yeah, and you are welcome make me babysit your kids when they are a bit older because you ‘tired parents want to go vacation in europe’.

it was a year of achievement, a little growing up and not nearly enough alcohol. and *that* is why i am on a bender.


8 Responses to “a classic minderbender”

  1. Nitin Says:

    Dear Friend (that’s what I can call you after reading this post),

    Excellent post. But I’d be sober if I didn’t point out a contradiction:

    this bender officially started in the afternoon. my last significant task for the year done, i followed it up with a few rounds beers at the pub, got home, and poured myself a stiff drink.

    Also, in your advice to readers, you didn’t mention that you can’t reach this stage without careful calibration. Yes, practice too.

    (Btw, before sobriety makes an ugly comeback, here’s something to chew on)

  2. Falstaff Says:

    God, you really do need a drink.

    Also, disagree with benders having to be accompanied by jazz. Music, yes, but Jerry Garcia or Debussy will do as well as ‘Trane.

  3. Tabula Rasa Says:

    wowzer. i hope you stays on this bent. enjoy!

  4. Amarula Says:

    it isn’t a happy feeling having him around here

    i ‘thought’ you said you dont like happy people??!
    Interesting to read about your year! Hola to 2007!

  5. Amarula Says:

    and alaskaa *droolll*

  6. Ph Says:

    See, now you made me regret getting off the drinking. Cheers.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I wish you write more often.

  8. Heh Heh Says:

    yes of course, it is years of practice. maybe i should have had an advisory there that said “trained professionals only. do not attempt at home” 🙂
    falstaff: amen
    tr: enjoyed. thanks anyways.
    amarula: yeah. it was a different one who said that.
    ph: you shouldnt have. really. also, welcome.
    anon: thanks.

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