this post does not make sense

I found a mouse in my closet. I thumped him against the wall and he died.
In case you are wondering about how i knew he was a he, male mice have large ‘nads. Anyone can tell.
I also discovered that i make a couple of appearances (four, to be precise) in a book a friend has written.
In the wider scheme of things, i wonder which is cause and which is effect.


8 Responses to “this post does not make sense”

  1. Amarula Says:

    the book writes about the rat and you??? you picked up the rat or did you leave it in your room (given tht you are such a *dirty person…)
    if you picked the rat, did you dump it or did you cremate it? or bury it??
    –curious.. seriously!

  2. amarula Says:

    when are you going to reply to my comment??? am tired of checking your blog you know!

  3. Brown Magic Says:

    i second that. she has a point- seriously dude, what DID you do the rat carcass?

  4. heh? ok Says:

    i was in a bit of a dark place when i came across your blog. since it made me smile a little, and coz i really had nothing to do, i read all of it. i laughed. a lot. even though, having studied history for three years, i find your take on the indian national movement disturbingly wonky. anyway, thanks for the laughs. cheers.

  5. Heh Heh Says:

    amarula: dude, someone must really be forcing you to go through all the drivel i dish out.

    bm: i *ate* it. they go well fried in butter with a little garlic. happy? 🙂

    heh?: thanks. i hope things are better now. don’t take anything i say seriously, though. i hardly ever mean anything i say around here.

  6. Amarula Says:

    WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE CORPSE!!! i asked so many times already…

    and yea, one of the three in me forcing me to go over all of your posts. sigh! tht’s not the same me who’s typing.. the other one was the one who typed the caps-ed line.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    he threw it in the trash.

  8. Amarula Says:


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