Every once in a while, when a blogger runs out of stuff to blog about, he puts up a list of random searches that lead to his blog. i’ve avoided doing it so far, but maybe now is the time.

Some searches that lead to your blog are completely understandable. You cannot get away with posting silly posts about random early 90’s movies like “Jaan tere naam” and not have losers who come searching for bolly-trash. The realization that the said losers are not totally unlike you being disheartening, you quickly upgrade them from the status of losers to that of fellowmen.

It is also completely understandable when people flood to your blog looking for advice on which pressure cooker to buy. After all, your blog is in the top ten results for “Marlex pressure cooker” and is the only one peice of text on the internet that includes the line “Hawkins ki seetee baji” (I have Megha to thank for that one.) And owing to the courtesy of other commenters, you have people searching for “Lekin chup chupke milne se” turning up at your blog.

Things get a bit disturbing when you come to know that there are people out there who are curious to know “Rohit Roy age”. I mean, why? Unless you are a twisted individual who wants to marry rohit roy and have his babies, why would you care about how old he is? And more importantly ( a somewhat moot question since i have already cast aspersions on this rohit roy fellow) who the hell *is* Rohit Roy?

You start feeling a little better when you discover that you are amongst the top results for the musical “Beguiled Again“. But it is mitigated by Finnish folk who come to your blog because it is the number one result for “cuck eki“. I dont know what that means in Finn, or Finnish, or Finnski, or whatever the hell their language is called, but it sure sounds like a bad thing to do.

When your blog turns up in the top ten google results for “I hate happy people“, it is time to sit up and re-evaluate your outlook about life. And then, one day, you discover that you are the only person on the interwebs to have ever expressed that “Happiness is an unnatural state”, and you do not know if you should be proud or you should go see a shrink.

Oh, and regarding that last bit, I can totally imagine the not so distant future when the world has *finally* gone to the dogs, and has reached a social equilibrium where everybody is miserable (as is certain to happen). I wonder if they will look back, and revere a certain wise man who first postulated the fundamental truth that governs their crappy lives.


5 Responses to “weee-heeee”

  1. witnwisdumb Says:

    Et tu, Hehus? 😛

    You should see some of the search queries people that have landed people on blogchaat. Hilarious. Too bad they’re not washable in public.

  2. Megha Says:

    Thankoo for the nod. Rohit Roy is the younger brother of Ronit Roy (you know cheese-boy, of course), and an actor. A bit of a TV stud-boy, I hear, so it is possible that there are women considering hum do humaare do with him.

    As for cuck-eki and your accompanying doodle – they remind me of Mika and Rakhi Sawant. There, some new keywords for people to flock to you blog for. Now, maybe the Hawkins song can retire.

  3. Arthur Quiller Couch Says:

    Try Lindsay Lohan. Works every time.

  4. Runglee Says:

    long time eh..

  5. Basanti Says:

    LOL! I had come here before through Megha.. (yeah, and first post I read was that Ronit Roy one! LOL)

    People look for “Shilpa Shirodkar” and “Smriti Irani Jeans” on my blog! I mean like, my blog is so *NOT* a horror blog! 😛

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