Have you ever noticed how the trees in a forest sway about when a gentle wind blows? It’s not exactly a synchronized sort of a movement. Even though the wind drives it, it has little rhythm.

Occasionally there is a thunderstorm, accompanied by flashes of lightning and claps of thunder, and somewhere deep in the forest, the crashing of trees.

Once there was a storm and our little forest was assaulted by a gale that uprooted many trees. But while the winds raged, the trees that were strong enough to withstand the onslaught moved in lockstep, much like the violin bows of an orchestra conducted by a maestro. Then it ended, and a gentler breeze flowed. The trees went back to their arhythmic nodding.

It might not be obvious to you, but lurking somewhere in there is a dissertation topic.


One Response to “Musings”

  1. Amarula Says:

    hey nice post…
    when i was a kiddo, i would talk to the trees and tell them not to succum to the cyclone!
    and nice sketches too..

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