The last time i tried to be a romantic..


10 Responses to “The last time i tried to be a romantic..”

  1. Megha Says:

    This is depressing. Never thought there’d be a day when the diabolical red-eyed bunny became the cheeriest picture on your blog. But anyhoo, possible causes of death –

    – The sight of nose hair
    – A road-roller – possibly the same one that went over the guitar
    – Asphyxiation – from the Madonna-styled conical .. um .. appendages. Calling them anything else would be a travesty.

    The musical notes look suicidal too, probably unable to bear the romance they are supposed to express. How much bleaker can it get? No wait, don’t go answer that with another doodle.

  2. The Black Mamba Says:

    some hair-magnet the guitarist must be – can even attract a dead woman’s hair. well done. 🙂

  3. Falstaff Says:

    Just so we’re clear – was the romantic part where you sing to her, or where you strangle her to death before you start singing in order to spare her such cruel and unusual torture?

    Also presumably this was someone you were dating. So no major loss.

  4. Tabula Rasa Says:

    the fretboard is very cool. and i like the delta. symbolic.

    and i think she fell over only because her feet grew back in.

    is this related in any way to the change of season?

  5. Just Mohit Says:

    guys, you’re all so mean! i think the girl had fainted from the heat and heh heh was trying to revive her by singing to her (sort of like using an old sock to revive someone!) ;-))

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe it was your guidlines on dating. How about that ?

  7. Aarjav Says:

    It’s an attack of the bugs. You can clearly see the snail coming out of her mouth and the two roaches coming out of his nose. Death by bugs.

  8. Heh Heh Says:

    megha: how can sight of nose hair be a cause of death? I’m told that they women loove them!

    tbm: what kind of music was he playing on his guitat?
    yes, the answer is hair metal.

    falstaff: now, now. I know i’ve dated some strange people, but not all of them deserve this, you know.

    TR: yes. summer makes me miserable.

    mohit: i’m wondering what would be more effective, my guitar or my old socks.

    anon: perhaps. good riddance, wouldnt you say?

    aarjav: it’s a slug. snails have shells. and those things in the nose are spiders. eight legs, you see. 🙂

  9. Just Mohit Says:

    i hv no doubt your guitar would be more effective (be more painful, i.e.)
    If you really wanted to torture them, you could always refer them to my blog 😉

  10. Falstaff Says:

    heh: Wrong. They all deserve this. Just with some of them, you don’t know why. Yet.

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