6 Responses to “WTF?”

  1. twinkletoes Says:

    is this et’s long lost lil sister?
    ah i simblylowed your “list”… most of the songs on your list, i totally agree, can turn one on in a flash…
    thankoo much…

  2. Heh Heh Says:

    twinkletoes: Fancy seeing you around here!! How’s pinklepoes?

  3. Falstaff Says:

    Good show. Idea for screenplay: a babyzard is exposed to radiation and turns into a monster babyzard who proceeds to destroy all of Tokyo because no one will change his diaper. Peter Jackson, here I come.

  4. Megha Says:

    falstaff: babyzilla, perhaps?

    heh heh: still want to claim edge of sanity, after this?

  5. Tabula Rasa Says:

    reminds me of a kamikaze attack i faced in my bathroom at the age of six.

  6. twinkletoes Says:

    ooh you didnt knowed, did you?that i used to furtively read and reread your blog until i actually got almost as addicted to it as i am to cloudwalking….
    pinklepoes is dead and buried, thankooberrymush…

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