The remaining five

Okay, so here are the remaining five, typed in from a public wifi at a busy train station (Work related travel, what can one do?). And to satisfy Falstaff, I’m including a couple of classical pieces that are (to me) big turn ons. In no particular order again:

1. Besame Mucho
Its sung by everybody and their grandmother. And that includes an extremely drunken me, in a karaoke bar in NYC, only to be booed of by the crowd. Sigh. The world has no appreciation for talent.
Anyway, I prefer the original spanish song by Luis Miguel, but you are free to like any version – the beatles, frank sinatra, dean martin, mangatraam paanwaala – whatever. All of them are beautiful in their own way. Except for the one by Swedish death metal band Necrophobic. Relax, just kidding. There is no such version.

2. Bolero, Maurice Ravel
Surprised again? It’s all about the hypnotic tempo and the build-up. Originally intended by Ravel to be staged as a ballet, this has become an orchestral piece over the years. I love the way the melody passes from instrument to instrument, gradually adding up to the crescendo in a way that is almost reminiscent of a frenzied lovemaking session.

3. Baby its cold outside, Esther Williams & Ricardo Montalban/Bing Crosby/Dean Martin.
I know there is a version by Rod Stewart. But I don’t seriously expect any of you to be Rod Stewart fans, and I pretty much hate his guts. Hence I’m not mentioning him here. Wait. I just did! Whatever.
This song was originally written and recorded for the 1949 movie, “Neptune’s Daughter”, i find the playfulness very sensual. The movie is a really nice comedy. And gosh do her lips look delicious!
” i really i cant stay
(but baby its cold outside)
ive got to go away
(but baby its cold outside)”

4. Prelude and liebestod, “Tristan and Isolde”, Wagner
Tristan and Isolde was the quintessential middle age romantic story, but as an opera it was considered revolutionary for Wagners use of lietmotifs. This piece (liebestod = ‘love-death’), is romantic, soft and warm, in an extended foreplay-like way. And, it is incredibly long, which, again, reinforces that analogy.

5. “I put a spell on you”, Nina Simone/CCR
I have been unable to decide which version of this song is more sensual, so I have included both.

“I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine
You’re mine”

The one thing that strikes me about this song is the single minded obsession with the loved one it embodies, an obsession that most people except for die-hard romantics are incapable of. But, again, play this song and you have magic.


3 Responses to “The remaining five”

  1. Falstaff Says:

    heh heh: Nice. Love Bolero (obviously) and the Tristan und Isolde was a surprise. Also, all this talk about how long things last – not bragging, are we?

  2. Brown Magic Says:

    you realize that baby its cold outside is basically about trying to get her drunk so he can have his way with her, right?

    also, I put a spell on you is pretty awesome.

  3. Heh Heh Says:

    🙂 thanks. i wasnt bragging, actually, but then “if you want it stronger dip a little longer”, and all that.

    Melody: Yes, i do. But in this context, its pretty harmless.

    Incidentally, there’s also an Isaac Asimov short story by the same name.

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