on being reality-challenged

A gloomy evening, grey skies and people burrowed deep into their Manhattan-black overcoats and jackets make my heart sing with schadenfreude. Happiness is relative. In a world where everyone was sad, a chronic depressive grump like me would be the happiest person around.

There are seventeen of us who share this body. It is a singularly warm feeling, in a very “Let us all hold hands and sing Kumbayah” kind of a way. In a world whose sole purpose seems to be to betray, we have found the perfect solution to loneliness. Even when there is no other human being to talk to, you can talk to the voices in your head. Or laugh. Like I just did. The voices – they said something funny. You will find out what, eventually. Or maybe not.

I find the word “insane” offensive, for it has connotations of something being wrong. I’m not insane, I’m just reality-challenged. Don’t you think it strange that society considers “sane” to be normal and “insane” to be abnormal? I mean, just look around you. Do you think there is any semblance of sanity in what’s happening around this place?

Yanyway, welcome, all of you. Those of you who know me from my previous avatar can expect some more of the madness here. To those of you who are new, all of us welcome all of you and are pleased to make your acquaintance. And rest assured, over time, you will get know who we are.

ps: Many thanks to Megha, the template queen, for all the help.


4 Responses to “on being reality-challenged”

  1. absolutely clueless Says:

    2 inaugurate ur comment space:
    even reality *challenged* seems to indicate that there is something wrong with the mind of the person…I think u shd just call urself *gifted*…a creative mind…alternately, a freak ;)!
    Ps- nice layout!

  2. Falstaff Says:

    Good to have all of you back. Even though I seriously doubt that you’re ever the happiest person around, even on a relative basis (hell, this is Manhattan, there’s always at least one jumper up on a ledge).

    I do agree with clueless (did I just say that? did I?) that reality challenged is the wrong term – one would argue (preferably with Fool on the Hill playing in the background) that it’s precisely the insane who see reality most clearly. I don’t think you should give in to the social pressure of accepting insanity as being a liability – I think those of us who are insane should stand up and take pride in our insanity, take pride in being several standard deviations beyond the human mean (hey, why do you think they call it the NORMAL distribution). Was it Seneca who said that there can be no genius without madness? Maybe if we embrace the madness within us, people will believe that we’re actually geniuses.

  3. meditativerose Says:

    Seventeen?? I thought there were four of you … have the rest of you been hiding from me all this time??

    And clueless … get a room!!

    hehe .. couldn’t resist that 😉

  4. Heh Heh Says:

    gracias gracias.
    most welcome all of you..
    and if you havent met the rest of us, you have missed out on some of the better things in life.

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